Collection: Coffee

At North Fork, our roasting journey has led to some dynamic and inspiring relationships with flavors, aromas, coffee bean varietals, and of course, people. We believe in honoring the hard work of farmers who grow our coffee, and the palettes of the people who drink it. We achieve this by sourcing our green (unroasted) beans from importers who pay farmers a fair price for their freshest product. With each variety of bean, we adjust our roast as needed to highlight that bean’s perfect balance of sweetness, acidity, body, and aftertaste. It’s a long process, but a labor of love is always worth the wait. 

The varieties of bean we offer may vary with the seasons, but we’ll always have a light roast, two mediums, a dark, and a full-flavored decaf. To represent these roasts on our packaging and other North Fork products, we’ve chosen four river birds (and a river insect) that are indigenous to the North Fork Payette River. With that, we are proud to introduce the North Fork flock...

Bulk or Wholesale Orders

If you are interested in purchasing bulk coffee or selling wholesale, please contact Kristin for more information.

Please note: We cannot guarantee same-day pickup for online orders. Most orders can be picked up the next business day.

If placing an order for shipping, please know that we ship all weekly orders on Fridays (all orders for the week placed by 9am Friday morning). Thank you!